Comann Eachdraichd Uig

Càrnais/Carnish Gallery

Carnish was cleared of its entire population, 61 individuals, in the 1851 clearances instigated by the island proprietor Sir James Matheson. It was added to the farm of Ardroil and did not revert to being a crofting village until the break-up of Ardroil and other farms in 1921 under the land re-settlement Act. Families from the over-crowded villages of Breanish and Islivig who had fought since before the first world war for access to the land became tenants of the new crofts in Carnish and Ardroil.

Temporary homes built in 1921 when the village was re-settled
Ruins of the temporary homes built by the families from Breanish and Islivig who became tenants of Carnish in 1921