Reef Gallery


Reef, 30 Sept 1964

Mairi & Mairead

Mairi Choinnich Aonghais and Mairead Tharmoid Aonghais, Reef

Angus Macleod

Angus Macleod (Yellow) Sty, wife Mary Ann, unknown

Alex Reithmir

Alex Maclennan, Reithmir and Reef


Domhnall Madson ‘s a bhean

Martainn ‘s a bhean

Donald Morrison (Martainn), wife Peggy 13 Reef


Bean Mhartainn, Domhnall, Ceit, Tormod, Mairead Thormoid

Uilleam Chaluim Charaich (Huil), Cairistiona agus banntrach Ch Charaich.jpg

William, Kate and Norman Morrison 13R, Iain Sheumais

Mor a’ Bhagain, Ciorstag Choinnich Iain Dhomhnaill, Domhnall Choinnich Aonghais, Raonailt Bheag, Iain Mhorgain agus Anndra Beag. Front:Bean a’ Ghagain, Toot, Nora, Marjorie, Joan agus Seumais Mhiabhag

Coinneach Iain Dhomnaill

Raonailt Bheag, Cairistiona, Mor, Aonghas agus Domhnall Choinnich Aonghais

The Reef Raiders

NAAFI at Breanish – voted ‘Best Canteen in the Western Isles’.

First left, Chirsty Macleod 2 Reef (Ciorstag Choinnich Iain Dhomhnaill); third left, Peggy Nicolson 1 Crowlista (Peigi Mhurchaidh Dhomhnaill ‘ic Mhurchaidh)

Annie Macleod Reithmir

Annie Macleod Reithmir wife of Angus Maciver Catechist

Calum Matheson

Calum Matheson 10 Reef

Tormod a Chreagain a falbh bho sean thigh Mhartainn

Reef party at Strome

Building Tigh Mhartainn

Dhomnail Tharmod (a Scallag) Macdonald

Dhomnail Tharmod (a Scallag) Macdonald 16 Uigen, then 11 Reef

Calum Mhartainn

Calum Mhartainn, Reef

Tigh a Bhruth

Tobair Iobhair

Left Christina Mackay 8 Reef

Others not known – If you have names and dates, feel free to contact us.

Eathar Will

William Morrison’s boat

Lily Ruadh agus Mairi Choinnich Aonghais

Iain Alasdair Iain na Duine

Mairead Aonghais Aonghas ‘An Bhain (Enaclete)

Donald Morrison Reef, Murchadh Shiaboist, Isabel Macleod 37 Cliff

Domhnall Tharmoid Aonghais

Peigi an Irish and Morgan, Reef

Anna agus Cairistiona Tharmoid

Aonghais a bha an Africa

Dollag and Will Morrison

3 Reef

Malc Mackay 21 Valtos and Chirsty Bell Mackay

7 Reef

Domhnall Mhurchaidh Mhadson agus Peigi

an Irish Matheson 5 Reef

Alasdair Peigi and Donald Matheson

Reithmir and 14 Reef, Norman Angus

JA Mackay 7 Reef, DN Macdonald 13 Carishader

Alasdair Peigi and Donald Matheson

Reithmir and 14 Reef, Norman Angus

Kennag Macleod agus Catriona an Irish Macritchie, Reef

John Angus Mackay

7 Reef

JA Mackay 7 Reef

Neil Morrison 28Br, Neil Norman Macritchie 4 Carishader

John Angus Mackay

7 Reef

Unknown, Barabel Mackay

8 Reef

Agnes Mackay

7 Reef

Christina Mackay

7 Reef

Betsy Macleod

2 Reef

Donald A Morrison

13 Reef

Tigh a Mhuil


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