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    St Kilda seeks archaeologist

    by  • 13 February 2010 • Archaeology, News & Events • 0 Comments

    From the National Trust for Scotland website: The National Trust for Scotland is recruiting for an Archaeologist based in Inverness and on St Kilda. St Kilda has an outstanding historic environment dominated by 19th & 20th century remains with a time-depth that belies the archipelagos remote North Atlantic position and it is the only mixed […]

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    Another find at Kneep

    by  • 11 February 2010 • Archaeology • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=1074,429] From Dave Roberts, first published in Uig News. Thanks to Andrew McVean for the photo of Carol Knott excavating at Kneep Headland. In the middle of January fragments of human bones began to appear in large numbers on the surface of the sand at Kneep headland. The location was very close to the three […]

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    The Norse Mills of Lewis | Muilnean Beaga Leòdhais

    by  • 22 September 2009 • Archaeology, Crofting, History, Life in Uig, Mills • 1 Comment

    [singlepic=936,388] The cause of my sadness is the mill’s decline, Not getting what I need for my baking. -Calum Ruairidh Bhàin (Calum Mackay, Bragar) The Norse Mills of Lewis by Dr Finlay Macleod (Acair, 2009) is surely the most comprehensive volume imaginable on our horizontal mills – including their construction and use, context in world […]

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    by  • 5 August 2009 • Archaeology, Artefacts, History, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=863,385] A stone mould for a crusie, an oil lamp of ancient design once in common use throughout the Hebrides.This mould, of unknown provenance, is in our museum collection but unfortunately we don’t have a crusie itself, much as we would love to.  (This piece is the first in an occasional series on objects in […]

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    The McVean Hoard

    by  • 16 July 2009 • Archaeology, CEU • 3 Comments

    [singlepic=844,580,233,,center] A number of archaeological finds collected by the McVean family in Uig and handed to Museum nan Eilean for Treasure Trove are on loan to Uig Museum and currently on display. Several of the artefacts were found at Mealista eroding from a midden on the beach.  There is a bronze-age barbed and tanged arrowhead made of […]

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    DNA Clues to Irish Invasion

    by  • 2 April 2009 • Archaeology, History • 0 Comments

    From the BBC website: Scientific evidence of an ancient invasion of Scotland from Ireland may have been uncovered by DNA techniques. Researchers from Edinburgh University said studies of Scots living on Islay, Lewis, Harris and Skye were found to have strong links with Irish people. Early historical sources recount how the Gaels came from Ireland […]

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    Why You Should Never Laugh at a Berserker

    by  • 8 February 2009 • Archaeology, Chessmen, Vikings • 0 Comments

    The definitive short guide to our Uig Chessmen, found in Ardroil in 1831, is The Lewis Chessmen, by James Robinson of the British Museum, which addresses aspects of their discovery, design and likely provenance, and also the history of chess.  Of our little family of courtly Vikings, the berserkers are the most intriguing.  From the […]

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    Prehistoric Graves Found in Uig

    by  • 24 January 2009 • Archaeology, Vikings, Weather • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=424,366] Susan and Keith Stringer came across evidence of a grave in the dunes above Traigh na Berie, which on excavation was found to contain a crouch burial (in the picture, in the trench at the foot of the stick). From Hebrides News: A human skeleton thought to be 4000 years old has been discovered […]

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    Cross-incised slab found on St Kilda

    by  • 21 October 2008 • Archaeology • 0 Comments

    From Hebrides News, 20 October 2008: Archaeologists working on St Kilda, the National Trust for Scotland’s dual World Heritage Site have discovered a cross-inscribed slab that had previously gone unnoticed on the island.  Staff from the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) found the cross on a piece of stone […]

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    Morsgail Beehives

    by  • 21 September 2008 • Archaeology, History • 0 Comments

    The Morgail Beehives (NB 131199), a group of corbelled huts of unknown date, are described thus by Historic Scotland: Group of corbelled “bee-hive” type shielings, built in remote moorland close to a stream, above Abhainn a Loin. Only one cell had roof intact at time of inspection (1989). Building date not know, but likely to […]

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