Taigh a’Bheannaich

The early Christian chapel or teampull Taigh a’Bheannaich is situated a mile south of Gallan Head (NB 03872 37898) near the headland called Am Beannachadh (The Blessing Place).

The interior dimensions of the chapel are approximately 5.5m x 3.3m and the walls are partially collapsed.  The remains of a dozen small cellular buildings surround the site, constituting a monastic community.  To the landward side, well-built stone and turf walls separate the headland from the settlement at Aird.

See also the Comhairle SMR.

2 thoughts on “Taigh a’Bheannaich

  1. Hi, Sarah!
    Just finally found this site! I was way too close to the coast and couldn’t find it, when my friend followed a few cairns and spotted it. So much for maps!!! Can you believe this was a community??? Amazing. Hope you are well.
    Wish I couid come to St. Kilda day, but have to leave by then. Will try to stop in at the Centre.


  2. Glad you found it – look forward to seeing the photos! I’m not due to be in the museum again this week but give me a bell at home 672237 and I’ll come out and meet you somewhere.

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