Supplies for Islivig School

From the Islivig School log, kept by the teacher Angus Macdonald, who took up his post on 13 May 1903.  The Comann Eachdraidh would very much like to acquire or borrow some schoolbooks of this vintage, in any condition.  If you have some in your loft please let us know.

3 August, 1903

The following are the articles received from Messrs McPherson & Co. Stationers, Stornoway, since I took charge:

1 Dictionary of Derivations
1 Pkt Cards (art 29c) – both sent at Mr Robertson HMI request
6 Std vii Arith Books (McD’s)
1 Quire Blotting Paper
½ Doz Old Std V Royal Readers
½ Doz boxes Slate Pencils
14 Doz Semi-Vertical Copy Books
½ Doz Passages from Modern Authors
3 Latin books (1st Course)
6 Mathematic books (1st Stage)
Answers to Std III to VII Arith Books
Do. to Algebra 1st Stages.
7 Chambers English Reading Sheets

The omitted articles viz. HMI Exam Papers (foolscap) and ½ Doz Royal Scottish No. 6 will be expected soon.


8 August, 1904

Received the following Articles today from Messrs McPherson & Co. Booksellers Stornoway:

½ Doz McD’s Mathematics 1st Stage
½ Doz McD’s Mathematics 2nd Stage
1 Doz McD’s Arithmetic Books Book VI
½ Doz No 2 Star Readers
½ Doz McD’s Latin Course 2nd Year
½ Doz Navigation Books (Don’s)
1 Box Chalk
6 Boxes Slate Pencils
1 large Set Square
½ Doz Queen Primers Part I
½ Doz Queen Primers Part II
3 only No 5 Scottish Readers
3 only No 3 Scottish Readers
3 only Citizen Readers
3 only No 3 Star Readers
3 only McD’s Arith Book III
2 Doz Dictation Books
1 Doz McD’s Semi-Vertical Copy-books No 1