audio: Archangel Tar and Sealskin

We have audio!  Dan Finlayson, Ardroil, in conversation with Dolligan’s uncle (?) relating a story about an old cure (in Gaelic).  Click the arrow to play.

[audio:project1 sealskin.mp3]

Peter (Padruig Mor, 7 Aird, born 1803) had terrible rheumatism, but the fishermen had culled a lot of large seals, so Peter was rolled in a sealskin smeared with Archangel Tar and thrown in the straw in the barn.  He was fed with oatmeal gruel and a little butter.  After a week in the sealskin Peter was crying out with starvation and was released from the sealskin.  He jumped to his feet and his joints were more flexible than they had ever been in his youth.  One of his toes had been protruding from the sealskin and it is said that that toe was stone cold for the rest of his days.