Coming from the Valtos Shieling

Coming from the Valtos Shieling

Valtos men at Gisla, returning from the shielings (both Airigh an Fhorsa NB117226 and Airigh Bo Nighean Mhuirich NB 105224 – thanks Calum) with creels of butter, crowdie and cheese.  Murdo Smith 30 Valtos (Murchadh Gobha), Calum Buchanan 7 Valtos (Calum a’Bhodaich), Donald Mackay 15 Valtos (Dòmhnall a’Chreagain) and Norman Buchanan 8 Valtos (Tarmod Sham) in the boat.

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  1. Great picture, the Buchanan Airighs was at Boinne a bhurich not an Fhorsa, back of the middle hills.

  2. Very interesting picture but what year was it taken? Does anybody know more about the following Macleods of Valtos:

    Hector Macleod (born 1759 probably in Shieldenish), shipmaster and tacksman of Valtos Lochs, and Ann Mackenzie. Their daugher Isabel Macleod was born in Uig ca. 1787 and died 26 May 1872. She married Donald (Domhull Ruaidh Og ) Macleod, born in Uig parish, Lewis, ca. 1778, crofter, died in Kershader 29 Nov 1866. He settled at 4 Kershader.
    Thanks and regards,
    Gerard Lemmens

  3. The picture is from the mid to late 1930s (Donald was born in 1909, Murdo in 1894 and Tarmod in 1898).

    Hector Macleod is here with his descendants but we don’t have any Uig connections for them and this information came from the Lochs side – which is not to say that there aren’t Uig connections.

  4. Thank you so much Sarah!
    Hector Macleod was shipmaster and Tacksman of Valtos , married Ann Mackenzie . One of their daughter’s, Issabella (Ishbel Eachainn) Macleod married Donald (Domhull Ruaidh Og ) Macleod, born in Uig parish , Lewis, ca. 1778, crofter , died in Kershader 29 Nov. 1866. He and his wife settled at 4 Kershader. Isabel Macleod was born in Uig ca. 1787 and died 26 May 1872 . In her Macleod branch (originating from Shieldenish) the office of Ground Officer of the Parish of Lochs was apparently hereditary.
    Issabella Macleod and Donald Macleod are my wife’s great great great grand parents!

    If anybody should know the descend of this Hector Macleod , I would be very gratefull !

    Kind regards,
    Gerard Lemmens

  5. This picture is fantastic. Calum Buchanan was my grandfather and my dad has been looking for this picture.

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