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    Fishing Boats in Uig

    by  • 11 March 2010 • Fishing, History, Transport • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=637,,386] Many thanks to Donald J Macleod of Enaclete and Bridge of Don for his research into the fishing boats of Uig. He adds that these boats used lines and not trawls to catch white fish. It was the end of March and beginning of April that was known as the ‘Hungry month’ in Gaelic […]

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    Lighthouse Disaster in the Lews

    by  • 21 January 2010 • Fishing, Tales & Traditions, Weather • 0 Comments

    In December 1900, the lighthouse on Eilean Mor in the Flannan Isles, which had only been lit for the first time a year previously, was discovered deserted by its three keepers; their dinner table had been set with cold meat, pickles and potatoes, and a chair was overturned in an obvious urgent departure.  Two sets of oilskins and seaboots were missing, and otherwise the quarters and lamp were in perfect order. 

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    An enormous shoal of dogs

    by  • 8 December 2009 • Fishing, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    From The Times, 2 March 1858 (with a geographical infidelity) Enormous Shoal Of Dogfish. – From all quarters we are furnished with information regarding the appearance of a prodigious shoal of dogfish along the whole north-east coast of Scotland, and as far as to the westward of the Lewis. This circumstance, so unusual at this […]

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    Provisions for St Kilda, and the Austrian shipwreck

    by  • 5 December 2009 • Fishing, Health & Food, History, Weather • 0 Comments

    Winter was always a difficult time for the inhabitants of St Kilda, but the winter of 1876-77 was unusual.  From the Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, 1878: When the factor, Mr M’Kenzie, with MacLeod’s vessel, did not put in an appearance in autumn last year [1876], as usual, the inhabitants at […]

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    Enterprise of Four Uigeachs

    by  • 29 March 2009 • Fishing, Life in Uig • 1 Comment

    Stornoway Gazette, 30 December 1949. It is many years since there was a fishing boat of any size in Uig but four Uigeachs arrived in Stornoway on Tuesday of last week with a 45-foot motor-boat which they have purchased in Inverness. The boat will take her new name from the initials of the four owners […]

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    Steam Trawling in Loch Roag, 1893

    by  • 27 February 2009 • Fishing • 1 Comment

    This report from Hansard, the official report of debates in the House of Commons, dates from December 1893 and refers to illegal steam trawling in Loch Roag and, at least nominal, interest in defending the rights of local fishermen, preferably without requiring them to take three days out to testify in Stornoway.  This is the […]

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    Prosperity and Overcrowding in Uig, 1850s-1890s

    by  • 17 February 2009 • Crofting, Fishing, History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    From Uig, A Hebridean Parish, by HA Moisley and the Geographical Field Group, 1960. The crofting population of Uig started the second half of the nineteenth century with far less land than had been occupied by their forebears fifty years before, and, although famine, clearance and emigration had slightly reduced the population between 1841 and […]

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    Restoring the Rose

    by  • 25 November 2008 • CEU, Fishing, History • 0 Comments

    [singlepic id=381 w=610] This article was written by Elly Welch and first appeared in Events.  Thanks to Elly for permission to reprint and for the photo of John Macaulay with the Rose.  More pictures of the boat (before and during) can be found in the gallery. Wandering along Valtos harbour a year ago you would […]

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    By Open Sea from Kinlochresort

    by  • 7 October 2008 • Fishing, History • 3 Comments

    An further extract from the unpublished memoirs of Rev Col AJ Mackenzie, born Kinlochresort in 1887.  Here he tells of how the family came to be at Kinlochresort, and also how they left it for the gamekeeper’s house at Uig Lodge.  His account of the pleasures of Traigh Uig is here. My father was a […]

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    The Rose

    by  • 15 September 2008 • CEU, Fishing, History • 0 Comments

    The Rose was built c1905 by John Macaulay, boatbuilder, of 19 Brenish.  She was first taken to Kneep, then Reef, and latterly belonged to a consortium of Valtos men.  In 2007 she was gifted to the Comann Eachdraidh, and we commissioned another John Macaulay, boatbuilder, from Harris, to restore her to her former glory.  The […]

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    A Herring Girl from Crowlista

    by  • 15 September 2008 • Fishing • 1 Comment

    [singlepic=269,303] An account, from the Gaelic, by Christina MacDonald, 25 Crowlista, of her memories of packing the barrels at the herring industry.  The picture above is of unidentified Lewis girls at the herring in an unknown port. See the original Gaelic version here. When you went to the herring for the first time, you had […]

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    The Loss of the Margaret

    by  • 10 July 2008 • Fishing, History, Weather • 2 Comments

    On Saturday, 12 March, 1932, a north westerly gale was blowing and a heavy Atlantic swell was running. When Angus MacKinnon, skipper of the lobster boat, Margaret, saw the inclement weather conditions, he woke his father, Cain, and requested his assistance as an extra hand on the boat. Though retired from fishing, Cain agreed. Angus’s […]

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