• In the Freezer

    by  • 11 July 2010 • Fishing, Health & Food, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    There are no safes for breaking
    In the Outer Hebrides
    But there’s treasure more worth lifting
    In the crofter’s huge deep freeze.

    There is mutton in the mountains
    And lobsters by the score
    And the odd wee tail of salmon
    That got tired and came ashore.

    In the homes of Pairc and Uig
    Where they shoot like William Tell,
    Though the keeper mustn’t know it,
    There is venison as well.

    So the poor old Highland crofter,
    Butt of all the would-be wits,
    Can provide a slap-up dinner
    That would gratify the Ritz.

    Stornoway Gazette, 23 September 1972

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