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    Traigh na Berie Structure Re-emerging

    by  • 7 August 2008 • Archaeology, History • 0 Comments

                           One of the wheelhouses, if that’s what they are, that were exposed at very low tide on Traigh na Berie (Reef) last February has emerged again, having grown a beard.  There are more stones visible this time, some barnacled and all sharp-edged blocks of various sizes, marooned in a mile of otherwise unbroken beach.

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    Bronze-Age Cairn at Tolanais

    by  • 28 July 2008 • Archaeology • 0 Comments

    From the Comhairle SMR (Sites and Monuments Record.) A Bronze Age (2350BC-700BC) cairn was identified at NB045338, on the point of Tolanais overlooking Traigh Uig.  Two small assessment trenches were opened on the southern of two large mounds, in order to determine which features of the site were artificial, and to date these, if possible. The mound […]

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    Finds in 1915

    by  • 26 July 2008 • Archaeology, History, Vikings • 0 Comments

    A letter to the Gazette on 15 October 1917, by “DJM”, Donald J Macleod, Inspector of Schools (not DJ Maciver as previously indicated.) ‘Neiseach’ [from a previous correspondence] maintains there are no pre-Norse Celtic remains in our island. That is not so, I may be able, in a limited way to illustrate at first hand. […]

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    St Peter’s Church, Pabbay

    by  • 28 June 2008 • Archaeology • 0 Comments

      NB 10447 37700. The remains of a small church known as St Peter’s Church, on Traigh na Cille, Pabbay Mòr, in Loch Roag. The surviving fabric is mediaeval in date but the Pabbay place-name would suggest that there has been an early medieval church somewhere on the island. A few plain marker stones are […]

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    Taigh a’Bheannaich

    by  • 22 June 2008 • Archaeology • 2 Comments

    The early Christian chapel or teampull Taigh a’Bheannaich is situated a mile south of Gallan Head (NB 03872 37898) near the headland called Am Beannachadh (The Blessing Place). The interior dimensions of the chapel are approximately 5.5m x 3.3m and the walls are partially collapsed.  The remains of a dozen small cellular buildings surround the […]

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    Possible Wheelhouses on Traigh na Berie

    by  • 18 June 2008 • Archaeology, History • 0 Comments

    Around 8 February 2008, clusters of stones began to emerge from the otherwise unbroken sand in the middle of Traigh na Berie (Reef Beach) on the Valtos peninsula.  Unusual activity on the beach and very low winter tides exposed groups of rocks that had not been seen before.  They are certainly a structure of some sort, […]

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    Cnip Wheelhouse, 1988

    by  • 16 June 2008 • Archaeology • 0 Comments

    Some pictures (thanks Jutta) of the excavation of the Iron-age wheelhouse at Kneep over several years in the late 1980s.  The wheelhouse was completely buried in the dunes at the edge of Kneep beach but was exposed after erosion from winter storms.   The site consisted of two wheelhouses – one never completed – and was occupied ca. 200BC-200AD.  The […]

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