At the Shieling

The mystery surrounding this picture has been cleared up – see the comments for Teen Anne’s identification of most of the people. The Pairc connection was Maggie Saunders of Valtos, who married Norman Campbell of Gravir.

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  1. Calum MacRitchie says:
    9 February 2009 at 3:24 pm

    Mary Campbell, 13 Gravir (Mairi Dhomhnaill Ruaraidh,) was married to a John MacDonald, Hacklete, Bernera. The gentleman on the left looks like Murdo Campbell, her brother.

  2. M Campbell was Maggie nee Saunders from Valtos who married Norman Campbell who was missionary in Gravir. Maggie supplied many of the Uig sheiling photographs in the CEU collection and I think everyone is from Uig. There should be a list of names, if not, I recognise most of them.

  3. Domhnall or Calum beag a Creagain Mackay,15V, Betsy Matheson nee Buchanan 7V, Catherine Smith 30V, not sure 3V or Christina Macleod 11 V?, Bella Buchanan nee Smith 8V, Bell bheag Mackay 9V and An “Eye Bheag” Buchanan 8V.

    M Campbell was the late Maggie Campbell nee Saunders 17 Valtos who was married to Norman Campbell C of S missionary in Gravir. Maggie donated most of the sheiling photographs in CEU collection.

  4. I would never have recognised Maggie Campbell although she was a near neighbour in Gravir for many years. Great to add names to the faces.

  5. If I understand correctly, Maggie Saunders isn’t in this picture herself, though we have lots of others of her. Glad the mystery has been cleared up.

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