Uigeach T-Shirts – UK and US shops open

Women\'s Gaol T-Shirt £20Child\'s Ubhal T-Shirt £19Men\'s Obair T-Shirt £20

We’re now offering an exclusive range of high-quality t-shirts for men, women and children, with Uig references and Gaelic sayings.   The wisdom runs from Is coma le gaol càit an tuit e (love cares not on whom it casts its spell) to Na brògan as fheàrr air an fhear as muiche a dh’èireas (he who gets up earliest has the best boots), and for the very brave gift-giver, An gog mòr ‘s an t-ugh beag (loud cackle, little egg).

They come in many variations and colours and there are also bags and aprons, so if you’re looking for (or deserve) a unique present, please have a browse and tell your friends.  These are only available through our two online shops, for delivery to UK/Europe and to the US/World, both now open for business.  (Clicking on the shirts above takes you to the UK shop – please make sure you’re in the right one.)  All proceeds will go towards the Comann Eachdraidh’s work.  Thanks for your support, and happy shopping.