The Uig Quiz

At the Uig Celebration dinner and ceilidh on Friday, there was an Uig quiz, compiled by Teen Anne Murray. Twenty questions; this site may help you with some of them but for most, you’re on your own.  Answers in the comments please.

1. Name the oldest and youngest people currently resident in Uig.

2. Recent excavations on Cnip headland uncovered Bronze Age burials.  Approximately how old would the burials be?

3. Coming from Stornoway on the B8011, there is a hill with a prominent bump on the left above Kinlochroag. Name it.

4. Here are the names of four wells. Name the four villages in which they are situated: Tobar Maree, Tobar nam Bodaich, Tobar an Dèididh, Tobar an Luib.

5. Dr Donald Macdonald, Dolly Doctor, wrote Tales and Traditions of the Lews.  Where was he born?

6. Why was a dam built on Loch Coirgabhat?

7. What was found at Bealach Bàn in 1831?

8. Whisky is once again being distilled in Uig, this time not illicitly.  What is it called?

9. A well known author wrote, or part wrote one of his books while on holiday at Uig Lodge. Name him and the title of the book.

10. Where is Seilero and what is it?

11. A pier was built in 1820 at Traidh a’ Chidhe for a busy fishing village.  Name the village.

12. What is the height of Suinabhal?

13. An ancestor of Cree Mackenzie, Scaliscro, assiduously kept a diary in 1851. Who was he?

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14. Where was this building? Who built it? What happened to it?

15. A group of islands known as the Seven Hunters can be seen clearly (on a clear day!) from Uig. What is the more common name?

16. Rev Dr Malcolm Maclennan compiled a comprehensive Gaelic/English dictionary. Where was he from?

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17. What are the English, Gaelic and Latin names of this bird (right) which is commonly seen and heard around Uig?

18. 1n 1896, a Danish schooner ran aground on the coast of Uig and the crew were saved by the farmer’s wife. Where? Can you name the ship?

19. There are two beautiful ladies in Uigen, one dark brunette and one red-head, who entice passers-by with their soulful, come-hither eyes.  Name them.

20. What is the next line of this song, written by Mary Maciver, Valtos?  Extra points if you sing it.

Och nan och, tha mi fo mhulad –

Partial answers accepted.