Replica Viking ship to be built in Norway

Volunteers are aiming to complete and sail a full-scale replica of Norway’s famed Oseberg ship, one of the best-preserved and most celebrated Viking relics in the world, later this year.

The original Oseberg ship can be found in Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum. Builders hope the replica can be used at sea later this year.

Enthusiasts working in Tønsberg, southern Norway – home port of the original Oseberg vessel – are carrying out their work in Viking dress and with replica Viking tools in order to achieve historical precision. The original ship, which is 21 meters long and dates from around the ninth century, was excavated in the early 1900s after being found in a Viking burial ground with two female skeletons and a variety of other items. They’ve all been on display at Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum for years.

From News and Views from Norway; read the rest of the article. (Photo: Viking Ship Museum, Oslo)