• Improvements at Kinlochroag

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    After two winters of being badly chewed up, the B8011 at the Kinlochroag bridge is currently being resurfaced, which we’re all very pleased about.  The two-span bridge over the water at the head of Little Loch Roag, and the consequent bypassing of the loop that went up towards Morsgail, was done in 1995-96, as this souvenir guide (?) attests.  As the council document says:

    The main thrust of the programme is to improve existing sub-standard carriageway throughout the Wester Isles. In this case 3.4km of single track carriageway with weak foundations and tortuous alignment was replaced by 2.4km of double track carriageway. The new carriageway is generally 6m wide with 2m wide verges with further wideing of carriageway and verges on low radius curves{…}

    The finished road surface consists of stone mastic asphalt which is here used for the first time on a major scheme in the Western Isles. This material should provide increased durability and resistance to rutting while at the same time reduced noise levels and amounts of spray.

    That, presumably, is the experimental surface that has proven not to be suitable. In any case it’s all very smooth now. That brae is still going to be slippery in the snow though.


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