Gamekeeper finds missing airman, 1959

From the Stornoway Gazette, 7 July 1959:

The Commanding Officer of the R.A.F. station at Aird Uig has expressed gratitude to gamekeeper Donald Morrison of Mangersta, who on Tuesday found an airman who had been missing from the station. The man was Senior Aircraftsman Thomas Douglas, who was on Wednesday reported to be “quite alright” at the camp. The Commanding Officer, Squadron-Leader, Christopher, who took over command on Monday from Squadron-Leader Evans, said: ” I am now perfectly satisfied that this was a simple case of a man losing his way. Douglas evidently has a habit of going for walks in the evening and at night and when he was seen leaving no-one thought anything of it. It seems that he went about four miles along the road and then decided to branch off and return to the camp by a moor track. There was a drizzle and it was getting dark and he took the wrong direction. On Tuesday morning while the search was going on the gamekeeper, alone in his cottage at Hamnaway, heard a tapping at the door. He opened the door and found Douglas, whom he took in and fed. He let him have a bath, too, and put him to bed. Meantime the search went on because there is no phone within miles of the cottage and the gamekeeper could not let us know. When Douglas was rested he drove him to Mangersta and from there he was brought back to the camp.”