When the Geshader Bull Was Drowned

When the Bull was Drowned

The lady is from the Board of Agriculture Office. A bull has just been drowned as the men tried to tow it back from Cliatasay. It panicked and tried to get into the boat but its horns were large and nearly sank the boat, so the men were forced to loosen the rope and it drowned. The lady had come to verify the story and she took the horns and hide away.

Left to right: John Macdonald (Lion) 11 Geshader, Angus Macleod (Candy) 10 Geshader, the lady from the Department of Agriculture, Kenneth Macdonald (Coinneach Iain Bhuidhe) 7 Geshader, Angus Maciver (Giblan) 5 Geshader, John Macdonald (Knox) 3 Geshader, Neil Macdonald 11 Geshader, Kenneth Maciver 4 Geshader, Donald John Mackay (Crown) 6 Geshader.