• The Macdonald Triplets

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    The Macdonald Triplets (John, William Faulkner and Catherine), shown here with Nurse Maclean, were born in December 1934 at 11 Geshader to John Macdonald (the Lion) and Katie Mary nee Macleod – a great event in Uig at the time.   They were the last in the family of nine in total.  On the day they were born, the Lion was not to be found and John Macleod from No. 10 set off round the village to fetch him; he was found at No. 4, playing cribbage with Kenneth Maciver.   The local doctor, Dr Grant, was nearing retirement and it was a locum who attended the birth, but when he was a very long time in returning to the surgery, Dr Grant came out to see for himself what was happening.  He called first at No. 4 and was told that there were not one, not two, but three babies; William was named after him.

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