The Forum

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Thanks to all who have filled in our wee survey (if you haven’t yet, please do.)  Not surprisingly there is an overwhelming desire for a forum, so we have one now: the CEUig Forum. It’s for genealogy and history questions, but also anything else you’d like to talk about. You can read it without logging in; to comment, you will of course have to register, by clicking the Register link near the top of the page. You have only to give a user name, password and email address, though you can also give more detail about yourself and attach an avatar photo.

For those who use online message boards, this will all be familiar.  If you’re new to boards, these are the basics.

1. The messages are arranged in forums; open a forum to see its messages or threads. When reading a message you can reply (if you’re registered and logged in) using the Quick Reply field at the bottom of the message. It’s possible to attach photos etc and you can send an email or private message to the author of the post using the buttons on the right. Your email address isn’t revealed. Private messages don’t appear on the board but are in your inbox.

2. You can start a new message (a thread) by opening an appropriate forum and clicking New Message (on the right, above and below the existing messages).  If you’re replying to a message (thread), use Reply rather than New Message.

3. Your inbox for private messages is accessed by clicking on User CP (control panel) next to your name at the top of the page. This also gives you some options for editing your profile.

Any problems, let me know.  Meanwhile there isn’t much on the board yet so please make use of it!