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  1. Tarmod and Tormod, Tarmot and Tormot; well, I understand that’s Norman in English. Sìol Tormoid is Clan Macleod of Maccleod – The Maccleod of Harris. I’m a Swede, but my mother’s maiden name is Tarmott, whose ancestors came from Scotland in the early seventeenth century. The man above was a Macdonald, with Tarmod as a first given name. As Tormod also is a sept of Clan Maccleod of Harris, it makes me wonder why there doesn’t seem to be anyone left in the British Isles with that name, as a surname.If one googles Tarmott it’s limited to the “British” novellist, Maria Tharmott, and my ancestors of course. At the battle of Coire Na Creiche in 1601, Alexander Macleod was wounded and taken prisoner, along with clansmen John Mactarmot and Tormod Mactarmot, two relations of sir Rory Maccleod. These names are sometimes spelt Mactormot and Mactormod. My earliest ancestors in Sweden used the spelling Tarmot, Tarmott and Tarmod, and the Swedish progenitor was a major James Tarmot.



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