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    Carnish Tenants 1850

    by  • 22 August 2010 •  • 0 Comments

    Carnish was lotted in 1850 and several new crofts were established, some for tenants from the recently-cleared Erista.  It was gradually cleared itself during the 1850s. The following table from the Estate papers gives the heads of families and their rent. No. Tenant Rent Remarks 1 Kenneth Buchanan, Erista £ 3.7.0 New land in the [...]

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    Before the Dingwall Sheriff

    by  • 14 March 2011 • Life in Uig, Military & Police • 0 Comments

    George Gillies, residing at Grista [Erista], and John Maclean, residing at Fimisgarry [Timsgarry], in the parish of Uig and Island of Lewis, accused of having broken into the parish church of Uig, and stolen therefrom a waterproof coat, some carpenters’ tools, and a pane of glass, pleaded not guilty.

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    Uig Farms, 1844-1888

    by  • 1 August 2010 •  • 0 Comments

    From a statement lodged with the Crofters Commission by the Estate management in November 1888, showing alterations made over farms in Lewis, with the occupancy and rent of each during the period 1844-1888. Mealista, Keannhusly and Island Mealista 1844-49 Alex and John MacRae £80.0.0 1850 do. £105.0.0 1860 do. £120.0.0 1870 John Mitchell £130.0.0 1886-87 [...]

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    Rev David Watson’s Boundary Dispute

    by  • 25 August 2008 • Church, History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    David Watson was ordained as minister of Uig in 1845 but as the congregation had mostly migrated to the Free Church, his Church remained largely empty. He was at odds with the people and the estate, as the following notes in the 1851 diary (published by Acair) of the Chamberlain John Munro Mackenzie attest: Thursday [...]

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    Recruitment in 1793

    by  • 30 July 2008 • History, Old Soldiers • 0 Comments

    From a manuscript by (as far as I can make out) Rev Col AJ Mackenzie, son of Roderick Mackenzie, gamekeeper at Luachair and Uig Lodge.  According to tradition, men were compelled to join the army when Seaforth was raising the 78th Seaforth Highlanders in 1793.  When he arrived in Lewis, the men of Uig took [...]

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