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    The Ladies of Uig

    by  • 6 August 2008 • Archive photos, Life in Uig • 0 Comments

    The ladies who did the tea at Rev Angus Macfarlane’s 25th Anniversary presentation at Baile na Cille in 1976. Back: 1. Catriona Macdonald PO Miavaig 2. Dollag Buchanan 9 Mangersta 3. Mary Macleod 10 Geshader 4. Mary Macleod Lochcroistean 5. Nan Buchanan Brenish 6. Christine Maclean 3 Brenish 7. Christina Matheson 2 Ardroil 8. Chrissie […]

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    Rev David Watson

    by  • 3 August 2008 • Church, History, People • 0 Comments

    After Rev Alexander Macleod and the entire congregation left the established Church in 1843 for the Free Church, the manse at Baile na Cille was vacant for nearly two years. In 1845, David Watson, a native of Croy, educated in Aberdeen, was received as a probationer and required to preach in Uig on 16 February 1845, […]

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    A Brief Record of the Church in Uig

    by  • 3 August 2008 • Bibliography, Church • 0 Comments

    by John Macleod OBE DL MA (1928-1998), of Carishader.  Published by Comann Eachdraidh Uig in 2001.  ISBN 0 903960 73 7. A detailed account of all the ministers in Uig and the significant developments and changes under their ministries from 1778 to 1929, with supporting material and documentation; in addition to the church records, it provides […]

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    More Macaulays of Uig

    by  • 30 July 2008 • Genealogy, History • 0 Comments

    Letter to the Gazette, 5 May 1921: Sir – I observed in your columns the other week an interesting article re the origin of the Clan Macaulay and Lord Macaulay’s ancestors. We have no definite historical proof that the Macaulays are of a Scandinavian origin. The name Macaulay is admittedly pure Norse, also their appearance […]

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    Bronze-Age Cairn at Tolanais

    by  • 28 July 2008 • Archaeology • 0 Comments

    From the Comhairle SMR (Sites and Monuments Record.) A Bronze Age (2350BC-700BC) cairn was identified at NB045338, on the point of Tolanais overlooking Traigh Uig.  Two small assessment trenches were opened on the southern of two large mounds, in order to determine which features of the site were artificial, and to date these, if possible. The mound […]

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    Rental Paid in 1725

    by  • 27 July 2008 • History, Land Issues • 0 Comments

    Having been on the losing side in the Jacobite rising of 1715, the Seaforths had to forfeit their lands to the Crown. These were then administered by a body of Commissioners for a number of years (though the Seaforths were eventually allowed to buy them back, because no other buyer could be found.) It appears […]

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    Emily Goes to Church, 1919

    by  • 25 July 2008 • Church, History • 0 Comments

    From Emily Macdonald’s Twenty Years of Highland Memories (1939).  Before Emily was married to Dolly Doctor, she stayed at Uig Lodge as a guest of her uncle, Lord Leverhulme, along with other guests. One Sunday Mrs Strang and I decided we would like to go to the local church and hear a real Gaelic service.  […]

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    Long an Iaruinn: the Ship of Iron

    by  • 22 July 2008 • Tales & Traditions • 0 Comments

    Dolly Doctor, in Tales and Traditions, tells of the wreck of a ship at Carnish in 1775. In the picture Sgeir an Iaruinn is the small island in the middle of the picture, with Shielibhig in the distance on the far left. All night the people round Uig Bay had listened to the cries of woe […]

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    A Rebuking in 1825

    by  • 17 July 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    From the Kirk Session records, 13 September 1825: At the Church of Uig 13th September 1825 the Session having met and constituted, Angus Maclean and Peggy Macaulay from Brenish were interrogated respecting a previous information made to the Session of their having used very improper and foul language against each other both to their own […]

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    The Kirk Session Wonders Where the Money Went

    by  • 16 July 2008 • History • 0 Comments

    A minute from the Kirk Session; Alexander Macleod had left Uig (and the Established Church) 23 years previously.  We don’t know how this turned out. At Stornoway, the 4th day of December 1866 years. Which day the Kirk Session of the Parish of Uig, under leave obtained from the Presbytery of Lewis, met here, and […]

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    Rev Alexander Macleod

    by  • 7 July 2008 • History, People • 4 Comments

    Alexander Macleod was born in Balachladaich, Stoer, Assynt in 1786. In 1808 he entered King’s College, Aberdeen to study theology and his first post after completing his studies was tutoring the sons of a farmer in Skye. He evidently eloped with the farmer’s daughter, Margaret, which caused much indignation at the time but peace was […]

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    Landslide in Glen Valtos, 1920

    by  • 7 July 2008 • History, Life in Uig • 1 Comment

    From the Stornoway Gazette, Local and District News, Friday December 3rd, 1920. Landslide in Valtos Glen On Thursday morning of last week, there was a repetition here of the previous Monday’s storm. Though it did not last so long, there were gusts during the early morning which were almost as strong as any we had […]

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    The Bequest of the Bell at Baile na Cille, 1829

    by  • 20 June 2008 • History • 2 Comments

    The church at Baile na Cille was built in 1829 to accommodate the growing congregation of the evangelical minister Rev Alexander Macleod, who had arrived in Uig in 1824.  Church records include the following: Dec 17, 1829 Roderick Nicolson Esq residing in Stornoway most respectably expressed his attachment to his native Parish by making a […]

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