St Kilda Centre Update

Uig is vying with North Uist and Harris to be the site of the proposed St Kilda Centre.  Our Uig location is the Geodha Sgoillte, between Mangurstadh and Islivig where the road is closest to the cliff edge, on a brownsite bearing the scant remains of a wartime radar station.

Written proposals have been submitted to Jura Consultants, who are leading the feasibility study, and on 7 October representatives from the three teams made short presentations to the working group, comprised of members of the Comhairle, Highland and Islands Enterprise and Visit Hebrides.  Cllr Angus McCormack who chairs the group commented that all the representations were made with passion and we do indeed feel passionate about this in Uig, though we rather regret that it’s come to competition between areas.

The significant factor is that wherever An t-Ionad Hiortach is finally built, it is sustainable and successful, appropriately reflects the natural and historical wonders of St Kilda, and is of a suitable magnitude to be the global portal for a double World Heritage Site.  Uig is well-placed to become a destination, to which visitors and islanders alike travel to experience the wildness and remoteness, and perhaps make a journey to St Kilda itself.

The jury is out now and the decision process will take time, as the members of the committee consider the proposals and consult with their own organisations, and the matter will then go to the full Comhairle.  Meanwhile, councillors from the three areas, including our own Cllr NA Macdonald, discussed the subject in Gaelic on Coinneach Mòr’s show on Radio nan Gaidheal yesterday morning.  You can listen again on iPlayer (worldwide I believe, as it’s radio) – the first 24 minutes.