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    Lighthouse Disaster in the Lews

    by  • 21 January 2010 • Fishing, Tales & Traditions, Weather • 0 Comments

    In December 1900, the lighthouse on Eilean Mor in the Flannan Isles, which had only been lit for the first time a year previously, was discovered deserted by its three keepers; their dinner table had been set with cold meat, pickles and potatoes, and a chair was overturned in an obvious urgent departure.  Two sets of oilskins and seaboots were missing, and otherwise the quarters and lamp were in perfect order. 

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    Snow in Uig

    by  • 29 December 2009 • History, Weather • 0 Comments

    We’ve had a lot of snow in Uig lately, but nothing as bad as this report from the Stornoway Gazette, 2 February 1945: Snowstorm in Lewis Traffic still disorganised Throughout last week traffic by road in Lewis was still disorganised by the snow. The fall has been one of the heaviest within living memory, and […]

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    Provisions for St Kilda, and the Austrian shipwreck

    by  • 5 December 2009 • Fishing, Health & Food, History, Weather • 0 Comments

    Winter was always a difficult time for the inhabitants of St Kilda, but the winter of 1876-77 was unusual.  From the Transactions of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, 1878: When the factor, Mr M’Kenzie, with MacLeod’s vessel, did not put in an appearance in autumn last year [1876], as usual, the inhabitants at […]

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    by  • 6 February 2009 • Life in Uig, Weather • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=441,325] Suainebhal, taken this afternoon (6 Feb).  We’re getting a dusting of snow and hail but it’s not lying, except on the tops [update:  now it is].  It is as cold as it looks.  Here’s one of the hailstorms incoming.

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    Prehistoric Graves Found in Uig

    by  • 24 January 2009 • Archaeology, Vikings, Weather • 0 Comments

    [singlepic=424,366] Susan and Keith Stringer came across evidence of a grave in the dunes above Traigh na Berie, which on excavation was found to contain a crouch burial (in the picture, in the trench at the foot of the stick). From Hebrides News: A human skeleton thought to be 4000 years old has been discovered […]

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    Offerings to Shoni

    by  • 7 September 2008 • Church, Tales & Traditions, Weather • 0 Comments

    Dolly Doctor wrote in Tales and Traditions of the practice of performing the t-ainmean in the upper end of Uig – evidently the last man to carry it out was a Mackinnon, grandfather of Dolly Doctor’s informant, so perhaps towards the end of the 18th century. This offering was made to a god of the […]

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    Summer of 1938

    by  • 24 July 2008 • History, Weather • 0 Comments

    From Emily Macdonald’s Twenty Years of Hebridean Memories (1939). The summer of 1938 was one of the worst we had experienced in Lewis, though in spite of all, the peats and crops were eventually harvested in sufficiently good condition. In June and July, it rained for some part of every day.  It didn’t seem to matter […]

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    The Loss of the Margaret

    by  • 10 July 2008 • Fishing, History, Weather • 2 Comments

    On Saturday, 12 March, 1932, a north westerly gale was blowing and a heavy Atlantic swell was running. When Angus MacKinnon, skipper of the lobster boat, Margaret, saw the inclement weather conditions, he woke his father, Cain, and requested his assistance as an extra hand on the boat. Though retired from fishing, Cain agreed. Angus’s […]

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    Tornado in West Uig

    by  • 2 July 2008 • History, Weather • 0 Comments

    From the Stornoway Gazette, Local and District News. March 24, 1921 The cyclonic storm which burst over this district on Wednesday last left traces of destruction in its trail here as elsewhere. Fortunately, no lives were lost, though several instances of hairbreadth escapes from flying debris etc, have been mentioned. The roof of the Valtos […]

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    The Grana Rescue at Mangersta

    by  • 25 June 2008 • History, Weather • 0 Comments

    Mangersta, Uig, Isle of Lewis, originally uploaded by rachel 79. Christina Mackay, Uig’s Victorian heroine, was the wife of Donald Mackay, who had the farm at Mangersta after the township had been cleared in 1872 and the people resettled for the most part in Doune Carloway. In October 1896, a gale had been blowing for […]

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