Announcements: Museum, Committee and Twitter

The Museum will be open from this week, on Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays, 12-4pm, for the rest of May. Full summer opening, Monday through Saturday, 12-5pm, will begin on 1 June – volunteers permitting (and new ones always welcome.) If you’re in Uig, please drop in for a look and a blether.

The committee elected its Office Bearers for 2009 at a meeting last week:

Chair: John Maciver, Ardroil
Vice Chair: Sheila Henderson, Valtos
Secretary: Teen Anne Murray, Valtos
Treasurer: Sarah Egan, Ardroil

We’re sorry to be losing Anna Stewart as Secretary, as she and Fraser are moving to Contin, but pleased that she’ll be remaining on the committee and we expect to see her over the summer. Warm wishes to both of them in their new parish.

And, not liking to miss the bandwagon, CE Uig is now on Twitter, with quick bits of news, events and pictures from Uig. If you’re a Twitterer, feel free to follow us. I’m not sure I really have all the gossip, but I’ll try to keep my ear to the ground.