A Wedding

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This rare picture was taken inside Baile na Cille Church (1950s?) and contributed by Peter N Macdonald.  The minister is Rev Angus Macfarlane and the precentor (top left) is Peter Macdonald 5 Crowlista.  Can any of the others be identified from the backs of their heads?

Edit: immediately identified, thanks to Pat.  See comments for detail.

7 thoughts on “A Wedding

  1. This picture is of my Mum and Dad s wedding on 2nd November 1955, bride Peggy MacRitchie, 4 Ardroil, groom Kenneth A Matheson, 39 Cliff, bridesmaid Cathy Macaulay (nee Maclennan) 4 Aird and bestman was Farquhar Maclennan (Tachie) 15 Kneep.

  2. Peter-Why would you have this picture other than it included your father,my uncle? Could the bride have been a friend or neighbour of Dolly Norma and Kenny Dan in Ardroil?

    Just curious


  3. My guess is that after the wedding Uncle Peter was given this photo, possibly as a thank you for precenting at the wedding, and that P.N. would have inherited it. As far as relationships go the groom was a first cousin of my father’s and the brides family had the local shop in Ardroil which you may well have visited the first time you were in Crowlista as a child. There is also a distant relationship between ourselves and the bride which I haven’t time to go into at the moment. I had worked out whose wedding it was before I read Pat’s comment
    Dolly Norma

  4. Thanks Dolly Norma. The more one thinks they know the more obvious it becomes how little one knows(speaking of myself)

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