Uig School, mid 1970s

A picture from the early years of Uig School, with Crowlista school in the background. Most (nick)names now filled in, thanks to Donna, but we need a few more yet.

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A picture from the early years of the new Uig School, with the closed Crowlista School in the background. Thanks to Donna for the names… please help to fill in the rest!

Back Row: 1. MA Buchanan (Bambi)
2. Cub
3. Racko
5. Willie
6. Duval

Middle row: 8. Meg
9. Pat
10. Donna Macaskill
11. Gina
12. KB
13. Norma
14. Lena
15. Anna
16. CB

Sitting: 17. Flora
18. Rhona Macleod
19. Dean
20. Meg
21. Maureen Mackay
22. Anchris Macleod
23. Lena Smith

Front: 24. John Tochie Macdonald
25. Sid
26. Nangie
27. Flookie
28. Duck
29. Christopher Smith
30. Ali Macritchie

3 thoughts on “Uig School, mid 1970s

  1. No4 could be Iain Macleod(Bob) from Crowlista , No 7 is Norman MacRitchie(Tarvie) from Carrishader and No 31 could be one of the Maclennan boys who stayed in Gisla

  2. Is No 7 back Row one of the Macleod boys from Geshader, either Colin or Andrew?? No sure myself, but could be.

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