School Trip to Bernera, 1952

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Thanks to the comments below from Dolly and Murdina, we now know that this is a joint expedition by Lochcroistean and Mangersta School to see the Bernera Bridge on 25 June 1952, before it was officially opened in 1953.  Of course, it can be seen across Loch Roag from Carishader so the children (at Lochcroistean at least) would have been well aware of its progress. More pictures of the construction period and opening of the bridge can be seen on Hebridean Connections.  See the comments for more detail – and if you were there, and have more to add, please do.

4 thoughts on “School Trip to Bernera, 1952

  1. Actually this is a combined school trip for Mangersta and Lochcroistean schools. I was there! Babag was teaching in Mangersta at the time and the teacher in Lochcroistean was Mr. Maciver(father of Norma Macleod,Shawbost) Mrs. Maciver is standing in front of Iain a’ Bheiceir. I think we had a trip to Stornoway after Bernera Bridge.
    Dolly Norma Mackay (Morrison)

  2. The actual date of this trip was 25th of June 1952, I remember it well , I left home in the morning and on returning my baby brother had arrived (Finlay).
    The Uig bus was permitted to cross the bridge that day prior to the official opening in 1953.

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