Letter on the Origin of Iain Dubh Chraidhig

From the Stornoway Gazette, 1959, pertaining to Rev William Matheson’s article on the origin of the Smiths of Uig:

Sir, — In the first of his three most interesting articles on the genealogy of the Smiths, Mac Gille Chaluim writes of Iain Dubh Chraidhig.  “This last word must be a place0name but unfortunately we cannot identify it.  It may be in Harris or in Uist.”

It may be of interest for readers of thiese contributions to know that in Barra, where the sea-fight mentioned by Captain Thomas actually took place, there is a locality or abandoned homestead known as “A Chrodhaig”.  Judging by the present aspect of its ruins – situated high up on what is now the common grazing of the township of Ceann-tangabhal – A Chrodhaig must have been abandoned as a place of human residence several centuries ago.

M Macleod, Barra.