Church and School

Ministers of Uig

Ministers in Uig who preached at Baile na Cille Church, Free Church at Ceann Langabhat (Miavaig) and other churches in UIg. Primarily Miaviag.

The Gaelic Scriptures

The Gaelic Scriptures were introduced to Uig between 1760 and 1801. The introducing of the Old and new testament, translated into Gaelic.

Baile na Cille Cemetery

The Baile na Cille Cemetery, situated near Uig sands.

The devotional spirit of Kitty Smith

 Rev A Macrae tells of the young Catherine or Kitty Smith, who possessed a “devotional spirit from earliest infancy.”

Early Schools

The first Early Schools in the Western Isles

School Photos

School photos of school years and classes.

School record Locations

Digitized archives will be coming soon.

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