• Ministers in Uig

    Baile na Cille Church


    Free Church at Ceann Langabhat (Miavaig)

    [table=7] The Ceann Langabhat church became Church of Scotland when the United Free Church joined the Church of Scotland. In 1979 the two Uig congregations of the Church of Scotland united on the retirement of Rev Angus Macfarlane from Baile na Cille.  Rev William Macleod became minister of the united charge.

    Uig Church of Scotland at Ceann Langabhat (Miavaig)

    [table=8] Uig Church of Scotland was linked with Lochs-in-Bernera Church of Scotland on the induction of Rev Hugh Maurice Stewart in 2008.

    Lochs-in-Bernera linked with Uig, Church of Scotland (Miavaig)


    Free Presbyterian Church at Ceann Langabhat (Miavaig)


    Rev John Angus MacDonald was inducted 12 Sept 1939.

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