Drawing Lessons in Brenish

From the School Logbook, Islivig School (in Brenish), kept by the teacher Angus Macdonald:

8 August 1903

The Drawing for the past week received the special attention of the Teacher.  The circles & ovals (and forms inv. same) cannot be made witht he same satisfactory results as if linoleum were put round the school, otherwise could be made.  Free-arm Drawing can’t be taught to the whole school on slates so effectively as on B.B.  Though Teacher is endeavouring to teach this part of the Drawing by taking Seniors to B.B., he finds the work awkward.  Object Drawing is being attempted by some with good results, both on slates & paper.  Nature drawing can’t be proceeded with meantime until such as carrots, turnips, flowers &c can be procured.  At present it is quite sufficient to teach the elementary principles; and brush-drawing (which the Teacher practiced for two successive sessions under Art 91(d)) can’t be introduced so soon, though the Senior pupils would likely make progress in this branch of Drawing once begun.  The want of shells, leaves, sprays of leaves, is felt.  Brown paper & charcoal would help very much in teaching the application of perspective.  After the pupils get some practice in B.B and slates they will show better results on books with pencil.  Pen & ink work can be proceeded with by Seniors in the drawing of natural objects.  Actual specimens must be got for the children to draw from.  The other work is being carried on with fair progress all round.

16 October 1903

Special attention paid to the “Drawing” of various classes during past week.  The scarcity of leaves and objects for drawing such as shells is being felt.  However, the Teacher endeavours to make pupils practice “Object Drawing” (from a few objects); “Nature Drawing” (from carrots & turnips); Designs of circles and ovals; Designs of leaves (from memory); thus keeping all the pupils going.  Sent for shells &c.