1836 - Planaichean Fuadaich Iarla Shìophoirt – Seaforth’s Eviction Plans

In 1835-36, the potato crop failed while cattle prices hit rock bottom. Temporary food relief amounting to 1000 bolls of meal was brought in, however Lord Seaforth regarded emigration as “the only permanent measure of relief”.

In a letter to Alderman Pirie, London, he concluded:

“The two most southernmost parishes of Uig and Lochs, being high and mountainous pasture and greatly over-peopled, ought to be nearly all under sheep, and the people removed to the northern parishes … If they were willing to go – and their exceeding repugnance to move at all is as decided against going to the adjacent districts as to go to America. So that there is no doubt but ample room to assist them by affording facilities for transatlantic emigration, to the extent, in these two parishes of probably not less than 600 families.”

GD 46:13.199