1831 - Mac an t-Srònaich (1831 – 36)

“ Fhad ’s a gleidheas mise beanntan Ùig, gleidhidh beanntan Ùig mi”

“As long as I keep to the Uig hills, the Uig hills will keep me.”

This oft-repeated saying is attributed to a notorious and shadowy murderer who was reputed to have fled from justice and roamed the hills and moors. His presence put the inhabitants in a constant state of fear and numerous caves are to this day referred to as his bolt-holes, Uamh Mac an t-Srònaich.

One Uig man unwittingly turned the tables on him. Dòmhnall Ruadh Beag from Eneclete was crossing the moor to Hamnaway barefoot carrying a herring net on his back. When Mac an t-Srònaich saw this huge black shape moving on little white legs, he thought it was the devil himself and fled!