1775 - Long an Iarainn – The Ship with the Cargo of Iron

During a severe storm, this ship had taken shelter in Camus Uig between Crowlista and Carnish. During the night she dragged both anchors and the ship broke up on a reef. Some were rescued but many more were drowned. They were buried in a mass grave in an ancient cemetery, Cladh a’ Ghàrraidh Mhòir, near Baile na Cille.

The ship remains one of the mysteries of Uig folklore as her name was never discovered, and the crewmen of different nationalities could speak neither Gaelic or English.

She carried a cargo of iron and gave her name to the rocks which tore her apart, Bogha an Iarainn and Sgeir an Iarainn.

Photo © Fraser Ross
Sgeir an Iarainn, Carnish