1884 - Coitearan Bhaltois agus a’ Chnìp a’ Ruagadh Tac na Riobhadh, Dùbhlachd 1884. – Landless Crofters Raid Reef Farm, Dec 1884.

Towards the end of December 1884, ‘HMS Assistance’ sailed into Loch Roag and Marines arrested eight men who had raided Reef Farm. They were sent for trial in Edinburgh.

After the raid summonses were served on those involved … “The messenger-at-arms served all but the last three when their progress was prevented by a crowd numbering several hundred … the officers took refuge in a local school … they escaped but only to fall into the hands of another party posted upon a hill and rolled down large boulders of stone …”

Crofting Files SRO AF67.61