1885 - Strì an Fhearainn – Land Agitation (May 1885)

The chamberlain of the Lewis estate had chartered the steamship Norseman and removed crofters’ cattle from Pabbay. While it steamed to Vuia Mhor to remove a bull, the alarm was sounded. Valtos and Kneep men jumped into boats to block the Norseman party. The crofters recovered the livestock and took one of the Norseman’s small boats (including all occupants, a sheriff’s officer and 7 assistants) and towed it to Valtos, where the boat was carried a quarter of a mile inland.

Summonses were ignored but the men were persuaded to appear in court. At trial in 1886 they were given fines of 20 shillings or
18 days in prison. Their fines were paid. The men were: Peter Macdonald, Malcolm Matheson, Donald Smith, Angus Macleod, Norman Maciver, Murdo Macdonald, Murdo Macleod, Allan Morrison, Donald Maclennan and William Macdonald.