1884 - Strì an Fhearainn – Land Agitation (1884)

Valtos and Kneep crofters had announced their intention to withhold their rents, until they were given more land.
There were demonstrations in Miavaig and Valtos Glen when the chamberlain arrived to collect rents.

James Mackenzie, tacksman at Linshader, claimed the islands of Pabbay Mor while Alexander Macrae claimed Vacsay and Vuia Mhor and served notice of interdict to prevent their use by crofters.
After a group of young men barred the messenger-at-arms from entering houses in Valtos, the steamship Seahorse steamed into Loch Roag on 25 December with county officials, a small party

of police and a force of 75 Royal Marines. Police Superintendent Donald Cameron persuaded the men to surrender and they were taken on board. At their trial they were given prison sentences but the Sheriff and Procurator Fiscal were subsequently severely criticised in the press.