1908 - Dùmhlachd agus Cion Fearainn anns an Fhicheadamh Linn – Congestion and Landlessness into the 20th Century

The Crofters Acts did not address the issue of landless cottars. By 1908, one-third of Uig’s inhabitants remained as ‘cottars without land’. On December 18th 1908, Breanish cottars met in the schoolhouse. They wanted, wrote

Headmaster James Miller on their behalf, the farms of Mangersta, Mealista and Carnish to be settled and “at Loch Hamnaway all over by the sheilings, good land … So that without leaving the locality where they were born and where all associations and kinships that make life dear are, the squatters hold that more than enough suitable land can be had.”

SRO Af 67/59
Mangersta was re-settled by Breanish cottars in 1911.

No. 6 Breanish