1886 - Comhaireachd Boireannaich Bhaltois – The Women’s Resistance

On 27th August 1886, while the men were at the East Coast
fishing, an attempt was made by the tacksmen of Linshader and Reef Farms to place cattle on Pabbay … a large number of Valtos women forcibly obstructed their plan. Six were charged with mobbing, rioting and breach of the peace. They pled guilty and were sentenced to pay a fine of 5/- each, or suffer 3 days imprisonment. Their fines were paid by the London Branch of HLLRA.

The women involved were: Mary Smith, Valtos; Margaret Maclennan, Valtos; Ann Maciver, Valtos; Christina Morrison, Valtos; Ann Mackay, Valtos and Margaret Maciver, Aird Uig.