Ungeshader is a small village of just four crofts (each with one or two houses, now uninhabited) on the east side of Little Loch Roag, very near the narrows.

It has several landing stages on the shore including a small harbour, the remains of a kiln and a ‘norse’ mill, powered by water from two lochs, Loch Beag na Muilne and Loch Mor na Muilne. Many of the families came from Geshader or had close connections there.

In 1807, the tenants are Malcolm Macleod and Murdo Matheson; in 1819 he is joined by Murdo Matheson. Another early tenant, in 1841, was Kenneth Maclean from Callanish, who subsequently moved to Brenish. It is not known whether these had any connection to later tenants.

After lotting, the crofts were occupied as follows:

1 Ungesahder

Morrison and Macleod (and briefly Campbell)

2 Ungeshader


3 Ungeshader

briefly Smith then Maclean (from Reef)

4 Ungeshader


The last croft to be worked was No 3, by John Maclean, Shonnie Goravig until about 1980. Two houses are now used as holiday homes.

According to D Maciver…

Place Names of Lewis and Harris “there is a tongue of land stretching into the sea loch in front of this township, tunga-setr (tongue-sheiling), the spelling becomes Thungasiadar.” Other opinion maintains the name may refer to an “ounce-land township”.

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