A village of 8 crofts in the central part of West Uig, overlooking Uig Sands.

It adjoins the old (and now deserted) township of Erista and the church and glebe lands at Baile na Cille. It was cleared to extend the Glebe in the 1820s and also to create a farm: the farmhouse was Taigh Sgoile Chiosamuil, which had previously been a school and the first ‘taigh geal’ in Uig. The village was relotted in 1921.

Today Timsgarry also has a community shop, and nearby are the school, the community centre, the fire station and the housing development at Erista.

We will be digitaising all of our archives soon…

The archives we have are currently in the Museum. Most of the known genealogy of Timsgarry has been documented on Hebridean Connections.

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