Mangersta Marriages 1826-1833

The following marriages, all involving at least one Mangersta family, are extracted from the Old Parish Register of the Established Church in Uig. Not all marriages were registered and the date may refer to the calling of banns, rather than an actual wedding.

  1. Donald Macdonald son of Angus Macdonald and Peggy Maclean at Mangersta, to Cursty Smith dau of Donald Smith and Ann Macdonald at Mangersta, 6 Mar 1826.
  2. Angus Macaulay son of Angus Macaulay and Anne Macritchie of Mangersta, to Catherine Maclean dau of Malcolm Maclean and Anne Maclean at Mangersta, 11 Dec 1828.
  3. Norman Macleod son of Donald Macleod and Ann Macrichie at Mangersta, to Chirsty Campbell dau of Duncan Campbell and Marion at Enaclete, 20 Oct 1828.
  4. John Macleod son of Donald Macleod and Ann Macritchie at Mangersta, to Bell Maclennan dau of Malcolm Maclennan and Mary Macleod at Mangersta, 3 Sept 1831.
  5. John Maclennan son of Malcolm Maclennan and Margaret Macleod at Mangersta, to Christy Morrison dau of M Morrison and Marion Macleod at Gaavie, Harris, 9 Mar 1832.
  6. Angus Maclean son of Malcolm Maclean and Ann Maclean at Mangersta, to Chirsty Morrison dau of Malcolm Morrison and Ann Macleod at Ungeshader, 29 Jan 1833.