Comann Eachdraichd Uig


The village of Kneep is situated on the Valtos Peninsula in Uig, between Valtos and Reef.  Crofts 1 to 15 are next to Valtos, and much fragmented (see here). The fifteen crofts comprised in the 1950s over 180 arable plots. Crofts 16 to 18 and the Manse are located across the peninsula at what is now considered the village of Uigen.

Kneep, like Valtos, was not cleared of its inhabitants to make way for sheepfarming as the villages formed a busy fishing centre. In the 1890s there were 40 boats between the two villages, providing good employment.

A significant wheelhouse is buried in the dunes at Kneep.

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Most of the known genealogy of Kneep has been documented on Hebridean Connections.   Please feel free to put your queries to our forum.

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