Islivig was described in Uig: A Hebridean Parish, in 1959:

“In Brenish and Islivig the soils are mainly peaty, becoming wetter in the west. Where visible the subsoil is gravel or stony boulder clay. There are no trees or shrubs and vegetation consists of marshy grass moors in the Mealista area with a considerable amount of cotton grass bog further north.”

“Brenish and Islivig are old settlements, never cleared. In both, the sites of the original clachans can still be seen clustered around the mouths of their respective streams. The houses are now situated at the east end of the crofts, near to the road.”

Islivig has 10 crofts, worked as five in 1959.

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The archives we have are currently in the Museum. Most of the known genealogy of Islivig has been documented on Hebridean Connections.

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