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    Breanish is a large village near the end of the Uig road – since the clearance of Mealista in 1838, it has been the last inhabited village in the district.  It was never cleared, and in fact absorbed some of the population of Mealista when that township became a farm.  It suffered terribly from overcrowding and was described by a witness to the Napier Commission (1883) as being “like an anthill”.  Subsequently the Mealista ground was made available to Brenish crofters for grazing.

    Breanish features a substantial collection of fish-curing and -drying houses on the shore (some rebuilt as fanks), as well as a number of nausts and boat sheds.

    The boatbuilder, John Macaulay, lived at 19 Breanish, but travelled about the district to build the boat where it was required.

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    The genealogy of Breanish is still under development but you may find some on Hebridean Connections.

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