Comann Eachdraichd Uig

Aird Uig

A small village of 10 crofts (counting 3a and 3b as two) situated at the end of the road to Gallan Head, on the western side of the Amhainn Gil na h-Airde. The crofts fan out from the riverside and some were enlarged to take in rocky ground to the east of the river. The township included 1700 acres of common grazings to the east and west of the village, to meet those of Crowlista and Valtos. Fishing was carried out from the rocky beach at Camus na h-Airde.

In 1954 an RAF camp was constructed at Aird, with the radar station further out on the headland; it provided much local employment. The camp is mostly disused and most of the buildings are now private residences.  Gallan Head Hotel and restaurant is in the former Sergeant’s Mess.

There is a notable chapel Tigh a’Bheannaich (house of blessings) to the west of the village.

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Most of the known genealogy of Aird has been documented on Hebridean Connections.   Please feel free to put your queries to our forum.

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