The Airigh Trail

A list of all known shielings in Uig, with links to pictures and the map.  This list is evolving so if you can add anything, please do.  We encourage visits to shielings, and a walk combining several can be a tremendous day out, taking you to corners of Uig that are seldom visited now.

Some tips and requests:

  1. Take extreme care in the hills. Do not underestimate the time it can take to travel short distances over rough ground. Be very careful in all terrains, where heather and grass can conceal loose stone and ankle-breaking holes. Mobile coverage is sporadic so you could have a very long crawl back to the road.  Beware of descending mist and the distinct possibility of getting lost in it.
  2. Keep dogs under strict control, or better yet leave them at home. There are sheep in the hills.
  3. Leave nothing, and take nothing but pictures. Do not light fires. Do not interfere with stonework, however tumbled it may seem.

The list is also available as a download (with a ticklist, for the shieling-baggers):

PDF (v1.0, 26/07/2010)