Comann Eachdraichd Uig


Morsgail is a sporting estate of 12,500 acres, formerly owned by Sir James Matheson. 

The old lodge house was burned down in the 1980s and was replaced by a modern building. It is located about two miles from the main road at Kinlochroag.

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On Morsgail Estate, the old Morsgail Lodge, situated at Loch Morsgail near Kinlochroag, burned down in the 1980s and was replaced by a modern house. Nearby is the old stable, above which were the schoolrooms when a side school was run here.

Significant beehive structures are located nearby.

We will be digitaising all of our archives soon…

The archives we have are currently in the Museum. Most of the known genealogy of Morsgail has been documented on Hebridean Connections.

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