From the Gazetteer of Scotland (1882/1896):

Mealista or Eilean Mhealastadh, an uninhabited island of Uig parish, Outer Hebrides, Ross and Cromarty, on the N side of the mouth of Loch Reasort, and ½mile from the W coast of Lewis.

With an utmost length and breadth of 7¼ and 6 furlongs, it rises to a height of 200 feet above sea-level.

Later measurements put it at 306 acres and with a height of 253 feet. It lies half a mile off the coast at Mealista and though rocky has a fine sandy beach and good grazing.  Significant spots on the islands are Rubha an Dobhrain (Otter Point), Cnoc Ard (high knoll) and Camas Leirageo (Cleft Bay).  Sheep are grazed on the island and the landing point is Leac na h-Aiseig (Ferry Ledge) and to Laibhrig na Seoraid (Landing Place by the Primroses).

Eilean Mhealastadh belongs to the Uig and Hamnaway estate and has been uninhabited for at least two hundred years, with ruins dating from before the clearance of Mealista suggesting it did support a small community.  Tradition maintains that no one of sound mind was ever born there.  The 1861 census shows a temporary population of  fishermen and one lady cook from Rosehearty.

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